• March 17, 2022: Please update your bookmarks and visit Sartell-St. Stephen ISD 748's new website address: www.isd748.org! We appreciate your patience as we transition from www.sartell.k12.mn.us to www.isd748.org (especially since some URLs need to be manually updated).

    August 12, 2021: Printed District calendars were mailed to all families with students enrolled in Sartell-St. Stephen ISD 748. Extra copies will be available at District buildings, the Sartell Community Center, and at the City Halls of Sartell and St. Stephen.  Please note: we printed our new website address, www.isd748.org, in the calendar to help everyone get used to it during the year. We will be phasing in the new website this fall. For now, please use our www.sartell.k12.mn.us website for your Back to School needs.

At-A-Glance Calendar

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    School Board Approved 2021-2022 calendar

    2021-2022 calendar


    School Board Approved 2022-2023 calendar

    2022-2023 calendar


    School Board Provisionally Approved 2023-2024 calendar

    2023-2024 calendar


Printed District Calendar

Activities/Athletics Calendars