Celebrating tradition with a fresh look

  • In the Spring of 2018, the School Board requested a committee be established to review and refresh School District logos. Staff was notified of the process in April 2018.

    A committee of alumni, current students, coaches, teachers, parents, and community members participated in a discovery and recommendation process resulting in new activities and business logos. 

    The logos were designed by Sartell High School alumnus and recent St. Cloud State University graduate Meghan Kirby.  The new logos were approved on February 25, 2019, and will be eased into activities and academics as changes occur naturally, but you can catch a few sneak peeks on our mobile app and website.

    • Sabre Blue is 
      • Pantone 2728 C Click to view
      • HEX Pantone 0047BB
      • RGB Pantone 0 71 187
    • Business fonts are PT Serif Caption and Khmer MN
    • Activities font is Heebo black

    CMYK = best for print/paper

    RGB = best for web/digital

Business Logo

Media Coverage

1971 letterhead

1971 letterhead

Many different logos

Many different logos

Design Process

  • Designer Meghan Kirby shared her design process:

    Creating the new Sartell-St. Stephen logo was about much more than designing a logo... it was about developing a brand that represented what it means to be a Sabre.

    Within the committees, there were many passionate voices with a wide range of opinions. I had the challenge of creating a new, modern logo that still kept the history of the logo that has been standing for 50 years.

    With that in mind, I began adjusting the current logo. I wanted to keep the Sabre “S” and only adjust the elements around it. I kept the shield and the swords are represented by the slash that goes through it, while eliminating the ribbon completely.

    The athletic logo was based off the many athletics logos that Sartell is currently using. I took the strongest elements and reconstructed them into a symbol of honor or authority.