Activities & Clubs

    Advisor - Mike Carlson and Jess Boline
    Learn about different art mediums and explore techniques. Choose an independent project or one planned by the Art Department Staff. The Art Club plans field trips throughout the year to visit various art hot spots. Join us for trips to places like the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, the Walker Art Center, and other local places that are connected to the art world. For information on upcoming events, join the Art Club Schoology page using code: Z3SGD-CB2W6. Meetings are held once per month.

    Advisor - Mark Krippner
    The Astronomy Club welcomes all students who are interested in the study of constellations, celestial objects, and current events in space. Morning meetings occur 1-2 times a month and once the weather gets warm, the club will hold night meetings where members use telescopes to have some hands-on experience. Usually these night meetings will align with astronomical events (lunar eclipse, meteor shower, etc.).

    BAND (Marching, Pep, and Jazz)
    Director - Dave Lumley

    SHS Advisor - Kaitlin King ~ BB/BS Program Coordinator - Jamie Lodermeier
    BB/BS partners with parents/guardians, volunteers, and others in the community and holds themselves accountable for each child in their program achieving higher aspirations, greater confidence, better relationships, avoidance of risky behaviors, and educational success. Please use this link to register

    Advisor - Joanna Richards

    Director - John Ronyak and Autumn Fosteson
    The Fall Play is a process of auditions, rehearsals, and performances of a full-length play on the Performing Arts Center stage at SHS. Each year the play rotates from a comedy to a drama to challenge students in both genres of theatre. This activity includes not only acting, but lights, sound, construction, costumes, rigging, and prop creation and usage for the play as a whole. Auditions occur at the beginning of the school year with performances approximately eight weeks later.

    Advisor - Angie Heckman
    Learn what it's like to be an educator and how to make teaching your career path. Receive insight from guest speakers and current teachers, complete volunteer projects and shadow educators to gain insight on teaching as a profession. For more information, join their Schoology page using code: M7V2M-6NRSB.

    Advisor - Jess Boline
    The Gender Sexuality Alliance is a group of students that are part of, or allies to, the LGBTQIA+ community.  Led by co-captains, the meetings consist of sharing support, information, and important topics with the group.  Members themselves select topics that resonate with them personally, then present and educate the group.

    Advisor - Karrie Fredrickson
    Membership in the Sartell Chapter of the Minnesota Honor Society is both an honor and a responsibility. Students selected for membership are expected to demonstrate the qualities of scholarship, service, leadership, and character while in MHS. Requirements for applying include a 3.67 grade point average, 30 hours of volunteer service in the past year or 40 in the past 2 years, demonstrate leadership in at least 3 extracurricular activities of which 2 are school sponsored, be in grade 10 or higher and be in good standing. Applications for MHS are due in February. Members are selected by the faculty council and inducted in April. Meetings take place on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Members take part in service projects, leadership training, and scholarship recognition throughout the school year and summer.

    Advisor - Alex King


    Advisor - Amy Yu
    The Math League runs from early November to early February. Each school competes with an unlimited number of individual participants, along with a team event that has a maximum of 8 participants. The schools in each division compete in five meets each season. At each meet, every student participates in two individual events, and 8 students from the team participate in a team test to end the meet.


    Advisor - James Sinkel
    Clear thinking, confidence, quick reactions, the Mock Trial team puts these skills to the test. To prepare for the tournament, team members read and memorize a 100-page document outlining a case based on actual civil or criminal court action. This year’s case involves a criminal lawsuit after a charity organization used donation funds for personal use. From this document the lawyer's write, direct, and cross-examinations as well as opening and closing statements. After this, we perform the case in front of a series of real-life judges and attorneys to be scored.

    Director - Kelli Killmer
    Spring musical auditions are held in February with performances the last week of April/early May. Incorporating acting, singing, and dance to tell the story, the musical is typically the largest scale production of the school year. Rehearsals are after school with an occasional Saturday for eight weeks. A total of four performances are held. Students may audition if they would like to perform in the production. Students may also participate behind the scenes on set building, painting, design, operating lights and sound, costuming, hair, makeup, props, directing, stage managing, publicity, and playing in the orchestra. Between cast, crew members, and pit orchestra members, there are about 50-70 students per year who participate in the musical. Join the Theatre Schoology course for information on happenings in the theatre program; use code F7RDW-3CJHW. 

    Director - Kelli Killmer
    The One-Act Play is a unique theatre experience in that the show competes with other schools across the state. Rehearsals take place after school for six weeks and must follow a very specific set of rules for production. The show can be, at most, 35-minutes long and is disqualified from competition if it goes over. The set not only has to be transportable but must also fit into a 10'x10' square. Subsection competition is against five other schools and is critiqued by three judges who determine which three shows will advance to sections. The winner of the section tournament advances to state (the school that takes 2nd place at sections is the alternate for the state competition). Join the Theatre Schoology course for information on happenings in the theatre program; use code F7RDW-3CJHW.

    Advisors - Angie Heckman & Jenny Traver
    Planning for Prom will take place over the coming months to choose a theme, and finalize details such as DJ, decor, snacks, and more! Contact one of the advisors if you'd like to be part of the official Prom committee.

    Advisor - Ryan Swanson
    Practices are held after school from 4-6pm, from late November through early March. Team projects include a Game Design Challenge, VEX Mentorship at SMS, and other engineering challenges, incorporating the use of design, development, and manufacturing skills paired with critical thinking and collaboration in an environment of creativity. The 4 core values of the team are hard work, determination, open-mindedness, and fun.

    Advisor - Terri Benson

    Advisor - Brandon Nordhues
    Show Choir is a non-competitive activity where students sing and dance in costume from the musical theater genre. Auditions are held in early September with 3 - 4 performances throughout the year. Rehearsals are Thursday mornings with a few Friday night/Saturday morning rehearsals for choreography. Students can also participate as a choreographer or by playing in the stage band.

    Advisor - Jen Madrigal
    Spanish Club is a fun activity that allows students to experience the cultural piece of learning a language. No Spanish experience is needed, just a love of the culture or a desire to learn more! Meetings take place approximately every other month and are most often connected to a celebration around that time of the year (día de los muertos, cinco de mayo, navidad, etc.). Join us for some fun! ¡Qué divertido!


    Advisor - Autumn Fosteson and Ryan Plaza
    This MSHSL competitive activity has 13 categories that range from Drama to Discussion and Duo to Poetry. Students are asked to perform a 10 minute selection and a judge ranks them based on the contestants in the room. Individual and team awards are given at meets which occur on Saturdays throughout the winter season. The season starts on Tuesday after Thanksgiving and runs through early April. Students are required to attend practice and team meetings as well as competitions. Many students participate competitively for the Speech team, while others use it as an opportunity to sharpen acting and public speaking skills. 

    Advisor - Karrie Fredrickson
    The purpose of Student Council is:
     - To create an atmosphere that includes all members of the school
     - To increase school spirit
     - To provide leadership through service to the school and community
     - To provide a voice for students in our school
     - To be members of the process of creating and changing policy within the school
     - To work with administration in positive leadership roles
     - To develop the practices of good citizenship within our school and community
    Each class has elections for their 12 representatives every spring. Meetings are held each Friday at 7:45am in M108. Students have opportunities to network with other schools for leadership training and activities at the division, state, and national levels.

    Advisor - Nick Phillips
    Under the direction of Nick Phillips, the Supermileage Club is an extracurricular activity for all students interested in working as a group to design and build a working, high-mileage vehicle. Every year, students design and fabricate a vehicle they take up to Brainerd International Raceway and race/compete for a prize. Some students work on the fabrication process, while others are a part of the marketing team doing fundraisers. Supermileage Club meets four times a week, both before and after school.

    Advisor - Angie Heckman
    Yearbook is a credit earning course you may take in grades 10-12 to create the annual yearbook. Yearbook classes can be taken in multiple quarters, and across multiple years. Learn valuable skills including; design, leadership, time management, and team work. Creating the yearbook is a big responsibility, but it is a very rewarding experience!

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