• Measurable Results

    Assessment, or testing, indicates what students know and are able to do. It is structured to a specific purpose with measurable results. ISD 748 uses:

    Formative assessment 

    • ongoing within the classroom
    • helps teachers adjust their instructional strategies
    • answers the question, "what comes next for a student?"

    Benchmark assessment

    • periodic screening to monitor student progress
    • identifies strengths and gaps in curriculum and instruction
    • Example: Formative Assessment System for Teachers (FASTbridge)

    Summative assessment

    • broad-scale at the end of an instructional period, often annually
    • used comparatively to identify trends over time and
    • measures progress toward state standards 
    • Examples: Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCAs) and Minnesota Test of Academic Skills (MTAS)


    The primary purpose of testing at Sartell-St. Stephen Schools is to provide information to parents, students, administrators, teachers, and support staff with the data needed to make informed instructional and educational decisions.

    Coordinating state and district testing, the Assessment and Evaluation Team analyzes student data and curricula in order to learn which programs will be most helpful for each student, and hold the District accountable for offering the best possible education for all of students. We also assist teachers and administrators in the use of their assessment data.

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Last Modified on April 17, 2024