District Facilities and CONSTRUCTION UPDATES

  • With the passage of the May 24, 2016 bond referendum, the District has been engaged in the design and implementation phases of its "Building Excellence" Facilities Master Plan.

    This page is a timeline of the design process which has been focused on creating learning environments and opportunities that will meet the needs of today and tomorrow's students.

    The new Sartell High School opened in the Fall of 2019. For updates regarding the reconfigurations of other school buildings, please visit School Building Reconfigurations.

Riverview Intermediate School - Indoor Air Quality Improvements

  • September 2023

    As originally identified in the Facilities Master Plan in 2015, the air handling system at Riverview Intermediate School (former Sartell Middle School and original Sartell High School) needs to be replaced.

    The Riverview air handling system was identified as a project that would need to be addressed within approximately 10 years of the building bond (2016).

    With the current construction scheduling, if funding is approved in the Fall of 2023, the project would not begin until the Summer of 2025 and would not be completed until the Summer of 2026.

    1969 Facilities
    The current system is antiquated and difficult to maintain.

    According to the 2015 planning document, "The mechanical systems were installed in 1969 when the building was built and in 1985 when the south building addition was done. In general, the systems are all functioning correctly. However, the age and efficiency of the HVAC equipment will require a building wide upgrade."

    Construction costs are increasing
    Through the years, the school board has heard from construction professionals that the estimated cost for the project was approximately:

    • $16 million in 2021
    • $20 million in 2023

    Long Term Facilities Maintenance (LTFM) Funding
    In 2016, the Minnesota legislature gave districts and their school boards a new tool of Long Term Facilities Maintenance (LTFM) funding:

    1. Pay as you go (which is how we address most of our deferred maintenance issues) or
    2. LTFM bonding to be used only on specific projects that qualify for Health and Safety 

    This project would significantly improve the indoor air quality and therefore qualify for LFTM bonding. The bonding can be approved by the school board and does not require a vote of the public. 

    Please click to view a Questions & Answers document and to view Potential Next Steps for the Riverview HVAC Replacement.

RIS Indoor Air Quality

School Board presentation - July 2023

Updates and Archive


  • 2018-2019

    August 23

    The Sartell Newsleader printed a special feature on the new high school in their August 23 newspaper. View articles from that feature online:

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  • August 5

    Take a tour with Principal Brenda Steve as part of WJON's piece, New HS update: Sartell staff begins moving into new high school.

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  • June 16

    The St. Cloud Times visited the new high school for their article, As Sartell High School construction wraps up, students' role in designing shows

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  • June 3

    See the latest update from WJON's, New high school update: Big month ahead for Sartell school construction

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  • May 6

    Read/watch WJON's New high School update: Sartell hopes construction wraps up next month

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  • April 30

    Watch a video update from Superintendent Schwiebert filmed by the St. Cloud Times.

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  • April 30

    Superintendent Jeff Schwiebert toured the construction site with the St. Cloud Times. Learn more by reading their article, Sartell High School to be student-ready by summer.

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  • April 1

    View and read about the latest construction updates in WJON's piece, New HS Update: Several spaces finishing up inside Sartell school.

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  • March 21

    WJON interviews Assistant Superintendent Kay Nelson in their article, Sartell-St. Stephen Changing Grade Structure for Elementaries, to find out more about the Preschool-Grade 8 building reconfigurations.

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  • March 19
    The St. Cloud Times article, Sartell-St. Stephen to eliminate school boundaries in 2020, group grades by school, features a conversation with Assistant Superintendent Kay Nelson regarding the Preschool-Grade 2 building reconfigurations

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  • March 18
    Construction Manager Lee Gruen shared photos of the new high school project with the school board at their March 18 meeting.

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  • February 6
    The Community Schools Planning Committee, established in 2015, had a meeting on February 6, 2019. SHS Principal Brenda Steve provided an overview of the new Sartell High School; please click here to view (Superintendent Schwiebert provides opening remarks).

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  • February 4
    WJON continues their monthly series with New HS update: Sartell shifting to the finishing touches

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  • January 12
    Assistant Superintendent Kay Nelson and Sartell High School Principal Brenda Steve speak about the collaborative and creative design process on a podcast hosted by the Minnesota Association of School Administrators (MASA). 

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  • January 7
    WJON starts the new year by looking inside the new high school.  Read/watch New High School update: A look at what makes Sartell's tick.

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  • 2018

    December 3
    WJON provides an update on the new auditorium as part of their feature on the new high school.

    November 20
    Part of the comprehensive facilities plan is to reconfigure the existing high school (which opened in 1993) for grades 6-8 during 2019-2020. WJON's article, Get a first look at Sartell High School remodel., includes renderings from the architect.

    October 1 
    Richard Leguil from WJON wrote and produced a video, Sartell's music wing coming together, after a tour with Superintendent Schwiebert as part of WJON's monthly update.

    September 5
    Read How residents can tour the Sartell High School construction site by Jordyn Brown of the St. Cloud Times.

    September 4
    Richard Leguil from WJON wrote and produced a video, New Sartell High School is halfway there, after a tour with Superintendent Schwiebert.

    July 23
    Jordyn Brown from the St. Cloud Times wrote, New Sartell High School takes form, work turns to the inside, after touring with Superintendent Jeff Schwiebert. 

    July 13
    View the latest drone video of the New Sartell High School Construction site.

    May 10
    Students in 8th-10th grade joined Sartell High School Principal Brenda Steve and Assistant Principals Nick Peterson and Sascha Hansen, Superintendent Jeff Schwiebert, Assistant Superintendent Kay Nelson, Director of Business Services Steve Wruck, and others for a "topping out" ceremony, commemorating the last truss being put in place. The event was recorded (view Principal Steve's comments and students signing and the truss being put in place) and you can view Principal Steve's remarks as a PDF.

    April 6
    Superintendent Schwiebert led a tour of the construction site with Dave DeMars from the Sartell Newsleader. Read the article and see photos: Update, photo tour of new high school.

    The Blau Journal includes an article about the new high school, Re-Imagining the Library Media Center for Next Century Learning.

    March 23
    Superintendent Jeff Schwiebert toured the construction site with the St. Cloud Times. To learn more, read New school news: Weather won't stop building of new Sartell High School.

    March 22
    Construction site fire - no injuries and no visible damage to the structure. No school staff or students were present. It is believed roofing material was the source of the fire and the Sartell Fire Department quickly contained the blaze. WJON and St. Cloud Times reported on it.

    March 20
    SHS pilot classroom - students and teachers try out potential new furniture, technology, and more to provide feedback on selections for the new Sartell High School. 

    February 13
    Drone footage of Sartell High School construction. View the 2-minute video here.

    February 7
    Sartell Middle School students meet with one of the architects to share their opinions and ask questions about the new Sartell High School. View photos here.

    January 18
    Superintendent Jeff Schwiebert toured the construction site with Richard Leguil from WJON. To learn more, read WJON's article, New Sartell High School starting to take shape [photos].

    January 11
    Superintendent Jeff Schwiebert, Assistant Superintendent Kay Nelson, and Sartell High School Principal Brenda Steve presented, "Re-imagining the media center: from central hub to distributed creation labs" at the Minnesota School Boards Association's Leadership Conference, "Student Achievement: Passion, Perseverance and Possibility."

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  • 2017

    Link to Virtual Tour

    November 21
    St. Cloud Times: Sartell-St. Stephen high school specs

    Link to drone footage of New SHS construction in action.

    October 27
    SHS students and teachers work with architects to select classroom tables chairs and desks for the new high school.

    October 20
    Link to drone footage provided by Winkleman Building Company.

    October 5
    Sartell Newsleader article, Students help in new-school design process. Dennis Dalman interviewed Janagan Ramanathan, a sophomore member of the student design team who will be part of the first graduating class.

    September 15
    SHS students and staff assisted the architects in selecting classroom and building furniture for the new Sartell High School. On the horizon is a pilot learning space (tentative February rollout) for students/staff to experience what a new learning space may be.

    June 23
    Construction across the District: enhanced security entrances at Pine Meadow and Sartell Middle School and a definite footprint at the site of the new Sartell High School!

    May 8
    The Sartell-St. Stephen School District hosted a groundbreaking ceremony for the new Sartell High School. School Officials, students, and teachers shared their hopes and excitement for the new facility.

    The Sartell-St. Stephen School Board approved the first bid package which includes plans for site work for the new high school.  Site work will begin in Mid-May.

    New High School Flythrough (Draft)

    January 23
    Architects from Cuningham Group and iiW Minnesota gave an update on the building process. 

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  • 2016

    December 19
    Architects David Leapaldt and Scott Krenner reported on the building process.  Updated plans and a flythrough was shared. Jay Vogel, Winkelman Building Corporation, also shared initial estimates for the project.

    November 30 & December 7
    The Sartell-St. Stephen School District invited community members to a presentation and conversation about the District Facilities Plan and the progress that has happened since the approval of the May 24 Bond Referendum.  Attendees heard from Superintendent Jeff Schwiebert and other administrators about the components of the facilities plan, how it was developed, details on the construction process and a first look at the new high school.  There was also time for questions and discussion.  Meetings were held on November 30 and December 7 at Sartell High School.

    November 21
    Architects David Leapaldt and Scott Krenner reported on the building process.  A reflection on the process to the School Board.  View the video report on vimeo here.

    October 17
    Architects David Leapaldt and Scott Krenner reported on the building process.  A reflection on the process up to this point was shared including information about the overall concepts for the new high school.  Brenda Steve, SHS Principal, also shared the concept of how technology and media spaces are meeting the needs of educational programming.  To learn more, view the PDF presentation here.

    October 4
    The Steering Committee met to review what has happened since the last meeting including a meeting about Community Partnerships,  discussions that have happened around high school programming and the impact on facility design, a review of budgets, Pine Meadow Elementary plans, and discussed upcoming tours that staff will be taking to see other facilities.

    A safety and security meeting was also held with local police, fire and city officials, along with district staff and consultant Carol Martinson presenting and leading the discussions related to trends and supporting safe environments for our students.

    September 21
    A Community Partnership meeting was held that discussed the process and planning that is going into programming and learning for future students and opportunities for partnerships that may exist moving forward.

    September 19
    Architects David Leapaldt and Judy Hoskens reported on the building process.  A reflection on the process up to this point was shared including information about the overall concepts for the new high school.  Pine Meadow construction updates were shared, along with a timeline, sustainability goals, next steps in the process and the future schedule.  

    September 13
    The Steering Committee met to review budgets, program development, Pine Meadow Elementary plans, discuss sustainability goals and review the schedule.

    August 23
    The Steering Committee met to review all of the information that was gathered over the summer and look at next steps in the process.

    August 15
    Architects David Leapaldt and Scott Krenner reported on the building process.  A reflection on the process up to this point was shared including information about the Sustainability and Technology workshops, high school programming meetings and steering committee meetings.  Initial thoughts about site development were shared with the board to gain feedback and agreement to continue to move forward as outlined.

    August 10 & 11
    Meetings with the Programming Sub-Groups occurred to review and confirm information that was generated during the initial conversations in July, along with identifying specific equipment, materials, and storage needs.

    August 9
    The Steering Committee met to discuss the findings from the previous meetings and discuss next steps.

    July 20 & 21
    Meetings with Programming Sub-Groups were held to articulate the vision for specific program areas in light of the overall high school vision. 

    July 18
    Architects Judy Hoskens, David Leapaldt and Scott Krenner provided an update on the high school planning process. An initial meeting with the City of Sartell has taken place to review needed road upgrades and traffic control considerations. The City of Sartell will be conducting a traffic study. Discussions will continue. Several meetings with district leadership, community members, and staff have been scheduled to begin the process of programming and design for the new high school. 

    July 18
    The Sustainability workshop established targets and goals for the new building and renovation projects.  These align with the three basic principles of sustainable school design - Resource Efficiency, Indoor Environmental Quality and Environmental Education.  The workshop included examples of best practices from around the country and established priorities for the district's work.

    June 27
    A High School Design workshop was held to establish a framework for the overall organization of the school and confirmation of the desired Learning Community structure and components.  This workshop included members of the Community Schools Planning Committee, the District Steering Committee, representatives from the Programming Sub-Groups and students.

    June 21
    Architects David Leapaldt and Scott Krenner reported on the building process.  An overall timeline for all the building improvements and a more detailed timeline for the high school project were shared.  The schedule and planning process to discuss programming was also included. 

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