• The School Board approved the Strategic Plan outlined below on Monday, September 19, 2022.


      • Develop well-rounded citizens capable of becoming successful and contributing members of society by providing outstanding instruction in a welcoming environment where every student is given the support needed to excel according to their unique abilities, interests, and aspirations.


      • Future Minded, Student Focused

      Strategic Directions

      • The Strategic Directions are defined as categories of action that leadership believes are important to the pursuit of the District mission. These Strategic Directions are meant to be categories for the next several years. The superintendent will develop an annual District Operating Plan (DOP) that will consist of specific goals aligned with each of the strategic directions.

        Healthy and Supportive Environment
        Foster a welcoming student experience where everyone feels valued, engaged, and respected for who they are, and support each student so that they are equipped to learn and grow in their own unique way.

        Student Achievement and Growth
        Challenge each student through instruction, curriculum, and supportive programs in order to help them excel in their learning experience and provide equitable opportunities for each student to develop the skills necessary to be successful for college, career, and beyond.

        School and Family Partnerships
        Strengthen and expand school and family partnerships to provide the best learning experience for each student.

        High Quality Instruction
        Provide rigorous curriculum with innovative instruction, and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

        Stewardship of Resources
        Utilize our time, talent, and resources to best serve the district, and seek community partnerships to accelerate student and staff growth.

        Effective Communication
        Develop creative strategies to ensure clear and effective communication with all stakeholders both internally and within the community in ways that engage, inform, promote, and celebrate.

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      We believe...

        1. All students deserve access to a challenging and well-rounded education that provides opportunities for learning and growth through inspiring instruction, hands-on experiences, and a broad offering of co-curricular activities.
        2. Students learn best through a Whole Child Approach to learning and thrive in an environment where they feel healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged.
        3. A student’s attitude toward learning is a significant determinant to their success and can be improved when they understand the purpose for learning, are engaged in the process, and are encouraged to discover and explore their unique interests and abilities on their journey to becoming a lifelong learner.
        4. All students are responsible for their own behavior.
        5. Having high expectations for students to become critical thinkers, creative problem solvers, collaborative learners and effective communicators who are college and career ready will prepare them to thrive as citizens in a global society.
        6. All students and staff deserve a welcoming and productive learning environment where everyone is valued and respected, and the daily student experience is optimized.
        7. We must nurture a culture where diversity is appreciated and celebrated and the value of each person's experiences and opinions is recognized.
        8. It is our duty to remove barriers to success and to provide each learner with what they need to develop to their full academic and social potential.
        9. All students need adults who will inspire, encourage and guide them toward lifelong learning.
        10. We must recruit exceptional educators from diverse backgrounds with unique perspectives and provide them with outstanding opportunities for professional growth and collaboration.
        11. It is the responsibility of district leadership to model a commitment to excellence through effective governance and administration.
        12. We are better together and everyone benefits when students, families, educators, and the community partner together to share in the responsibility for learning.

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