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Joey Olson wins Sabre Staff Star Award in November!

November 22, 2022

Congratulations to RIS Special Education Teacher Joey Olson! Joey was recognized at last night's school board meeting as our Sabre Staff Star for November!

His nomination includes:

He is OUTSTANDING at his job and at building relationships with kids in the building. Joey’s patience is never ending and he is constantly searching for the best strategies to meet kids where they are at on any given day. Joey simply cares for kids and makes everyone around him want to do the best they can.

I'm always amazed at Mr. Olson's positive and level-headed approach in all things school, coaching, and life in general. He sees the good in all and shows up each day willing to do what is best for his students. He is the perfect person for a job that requires so much patience and grace.

Joey Olson Award