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Congratulations to Mr. Determan!

Paul Determan, a Social Studies teacher at Sartell Middle School, was nominated by one of his current students for the Teacher of the Month Award from a local radio station.

The nomination includes:

"I want to nominate Mr Determan to acknowledge his love for his students and his job. He makes you feel welcome every minute you are in his class. He understands the way 7th graders think to relate to the real world. He connects to the students with his “bragging board” which includes pictures of successful hunting and fishing trips. In his words “no fish is too small”. He has a way of correcting negative behavior to make the learning environment more respectful and rewards positive behavior and participation in class. Even though Social Studies was never my favorite, he makes it fun and I look forward to his class every day. I think he needs to be acknowledged for all he does."

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