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Bahaa Kadhem wins Sabre Staff Star Award in December!

December 20, 2022
Congratulations to Bahaa Kadhem, Sartell Middle School's Lead Custodian, for being recognized as our Sabre Staff Star at last night's school board meeting! Bahaa's nomination includes:
Bahaa has such a happy personality and is always smiling and greeting people at SMS with joy!
He is always happy to help with whatever needs we have in our classrooms. He is a star at SMS!
Bahaa is the best! He takes care of so much for our building. Bahaa takes the time to get to know everyone in our building.
He goes above and beyond to make sure that everyone in our building has the best things!
[ISD 748 Staff Stars, selected from nominations submitted by staff members, are recognized each month at school board meetings. Thank you to Nick Phillips, SHS technology education teacher, for designing the award.]
Bahaa Award 2022