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Sabre Speaks Podcast: ORELC and PMPS teachers discuss CKLA

Sabre Speaks Podcast: ORELC and PMPS teachers discuss Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA)

Podcast 5 november 2023
Scamper on over and listen to  Episode 5 to continue the conversation about our new Language Arts curriculum, Amplify: Core Knowledge Language Arts. Episode 4 (link) featured teachers from Riverview Intermediate School and our latest episode features teachers from Oak Ridge Early Learning Center and Pine Meadow Primary School!

These teachers discuss the initial positive impacts the curriculum has had on students whose teachers are implementing the curriculum this year ahead of the district-wide implementation next year. In addition to learning the essential skills of reading, the teachers share about how students are building their background knowledge in multiple content areas, therefore increasing engagement and interest in learning. 

The podcast is available at and you can customize your News feed to include updates on our free mobile app, Sartell-St. Stephen Schools.