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Barb Eaton, ORELC Special Education Teacher, wins Sabre Staff Star Award for January!

SABRE PRIDE: Congratulations to Barb Eaton, Early Childhood Special Education teacher at Oak Ridge Early Learning Center, our Sabre for January!
Her nomination includes:
⭐️ Barb has a passion for helping her students grow and learn, and goes above and beyond to individualize programming for each student. She works closely with paraprofessionals and does an amazing job of training and guiding staff to best support our students.
⭐️ Barb uses a "think outside the box" approach, and is always looking for ways to ensure her students are successful.
⭐️ If there is something standing in the way of a student's success, Barb finds the way to break down barriers and problem solve. Barb is also an amazing team player and goes out of her way to help her colleagues.
⭐️ Throughout Barb's day, she works with many different paraprofessionals and teachers and works with each of them individually to be sure each of her students are supported. Despite challenging circumstances, she maintains a positive attitude.
⭐️ She is a highly valued member of our ORELC learning community!
[ISD 748 Staff Stars, selected from nominations submitted by staff members, are recognized each month at school board meetings. Thank you to Nick Phillips, SHS technology education teacher, for designing the award.]