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Karrie Fredrickson, SHS teacher, named Central Division Advisor of the Year!

Karrie Fredrickson named Central Division Advisor of the Year by the Minnesota Association of Honor Societies 

Karrie Fredrickson, Sartell High School social studies teacher and advisor to the school’s Honor Society and Student Council, was named the Central Division Advisor of the Year by the Minnesota Association of Honor Societies. 

Fredrickson, a teacher with the Sartell-St. Stephen School District for nearly 30 years, received the honor at the Minnesota Association of Student Councils (MASC) and Minnesota Association of Honor Societies (MAHS) State Leadership Convention in Detroit Lakes April 13-15.

According to Statewide Coordinator of Student Activities Trisha Bemboom, “Karrie has been a key component in increasing student voice and advisor training and retention for Minnesota Honor Society Chapters across the state.  Her ability to connect students with service opportunities and challenge them in their thinking has led to a very successful MHS and MASC program at Sartell High School as well.  On behalf of these two organizations, we share our gratitude and celebrate her MHS Advisor of the Year Award!”

Interim Superintendent Tom Lee stated, “Mrs. Fredrickson holds our students to very high standards of excellence in scholarship. This is modeled by Mrs. Fredrickson every day in individual and whole-class interactions. Mrs. Fredrickson teaches several different classes, including our Advanced Placement Psychology where 75% of the students in the course last year received a 3 or better on the AP Exam.”

Sartell High School Principal Shayne Kusler added, “I have been continually impressed at the way our student groups (especially the Honor Society and Student Council - both led by Mrs. Fredrickson) are so significantly student-led. I am always approached by students to discuss their plans with me. Certainly Mrs. Fredrickson and I have conversations behind the scenes about a few of the details for adults, but an incredible amount of the planning and organization for every activity is student-organized, student-led, student-communicated and student-run.”

Additionally, two Sartell High School students were also recognized at the State Leadership Convention:

  • Hannah Rivard was honored for her 3 year dedication on the Central Division board and serving as president this year 
  • Ellena Ashby won a $500 scholarship

MAHS/MASC is an organization that provides high schools and middle level schools, advisors, and students with an opportunity to participate in leadership activities to better themselves, their student councils and honor societies, and their schools. Through local, region, state, and national meetings and conventions, students get the opportunity to participate in the governmental process, interact with students from other schools, participate in service projects, and develop strong social and leadership skills.