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Sabre Speaks Podcast: Pollinator Project

Sabre Speaks Podcast: Pollinator Project
Episode 14
Learn about the student-driven Pollinator Project. Interim Superintendent Tom Lee hears from SHS student (and Sustainability Club member) Annabelle Tautges and ISD 748 Grounds Staff Member Dale Westaby.
Save the Date: Pollinator Planting Opening Day on Sunday, May 19 from 3-5p at Sartell High School! 🦋 🌾🌻
On May 19, families will be able to:
🫶 hear from students about their educational, aesthetic, & environmental project to plant pollinator-friendly, pheasant-friendly plants on 13+ acres of land around the campuses of SHS and ORELC
🌾 plant plugs to kick off the project
🤝 learn about their exciting partnership with Stearns County Water and Soil Conservation District, Pheasants Forever, ProFields, and St. Stephen’s Sportsman Club
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