September 20

September 20

ISD 748 families:

The Sartell-St. Stephen School Board approved our new “Future Minded, Student Focused” strategic plan at last night’s meeting. 

Developing a strategic plan is a long-term and comprehensive project and the school board wants to extend their appreciation to the staff, parents, guardians, students, and community members who provided input through formal listening sessions, online feedback, school board meetings, and informal meetings.

The District’s previous mission and set of core values was developed approximately 10 years ago. The school board waited until after a new superintendent was selected in 2021 before beginning the process to develop a new strategic plan that includes a mission, vision, core beliefs, and strategic directions. 

Develop well-rounded citizens capable of becoming successful and contributing members of society by providing outstanding instruction in a welcoming environment where every student is given the support needed to excel according to their unique abilities, interests, and aspirations.
Consistent feedback was that it is important for our District’s mission to be focused on helping students strive for personal excellence. Our goal is for each student to achieve personal excellence and that personal excellence will vary in outcomes depending on each student’s abilities, interests, and aspirations.

Future Minded, Student Focused
The vision reflects our student-centered approach while also being mindful, creative, and innovative to provide students the skills and experiences they will need to be successful in the future workforce.

Core Beliefs
The core beliefs were compiled based on existing core values as well as additional items the school board heard through listening sessions at each building, staff insight, and informal conversations. 

Strategic Directions
The strategic directions are categories of action that leadership believes are important to the pursuit of the District mission and are meant to be categories for the next 3-5 years. The superintendent will develop an annual District Operating Plan (DOP) that will consist of specific goals aligned with each of the strategic directions.

To view the entire strategic plan, please visit

Dr. Jeff Ridlehoover
Sartell-St. Stephen ISD 748