September 13 meeting

September 15

The Educational Equity and Student Experience (EESE) Committee met for the first time on Monday, September 13. Please click here for an overview of the meeting.

NOTE: each of the students needed parent/guardian permission to participate. While permission was received for their child to participate, some parent/guardians did not provide permission for their child’s name or photo to be shared, so no photos would be taken. 

Listening Session: Monday, September 20
September's Topic is Student Support Services and Mental Health. Everyone is invited to attend from 4:15-5p at the Learning Stairs at Sartell High School. Each month will have a different focus, depending on the EESE committee's discussions.

Participant Feedback
“...I was very impressed with the students and can see why you wanted at least half of the committee to be made up of students. It is their experience we want to improve, so insight from them is the most important to hear. I liked how you took a strong stance on "this is not political. This is not controversial" and appreciated that you set the expectation of being open and engaged and not pushing any particular agenda. I also think that your message about transparency came across well. …”