October 18 - Unity

October 18

October - Unity

During the month of October, Sartell Middle School students have focused on the concept of Unity. Within their Student Advisory class period there is a weekly lesson surrounding Unity and how it can be applied to their everyday lives.

When we are willing to include everyone, each individual can feel like they are an important piece of our community. That feeling helps improve behavior, self-esteem and academic success. 

Unity is important in October, because it is National Bullying Prevention Month. A large part of the theme this month is Unity Day. This is a day to celebrate Kindness, Acceptance and Inclusion.

The actual date of Unity Day occurs annually on the 3rd Wednesday of October. Riverview Intermediate School participated in Unity Day on Tuesday, October 18 and created this video overview.

Sartell Middle School will participate in Unity Day on Wednesday, October 19. Students will learn about the meaning behind Unity Day and ways in which they can celebrate this day. Three examples included in the lesson are:

  1. taking a pledge to stand up to bullying,
  2. sharing their own story, and
  3. wearing orange to show support for the cause. 

It is important as adults to help educate their students on how to respond and how to support their students in advocating for themselves and others. Families in the community can help further the discussion on Unity by talking with their students about the role that they play in bullying prevention. 

Some discussion questions could include:

  • What can they do to encourage others to be inclusive? 
  • How can they act in a way that makes all people feel valued in their classes, on the bus or their activities outside of school? 
  • What are things they can say or do to show support for other students? 
  • How do gossip and rumors create division within our buildings and community and hurt the self-esteem of others?
  • What makes them feel safe and confident?

For more information about Unity Day, please visit the websites below: