July 14

July 14, 2022

School Hours for 2022-2023

  • ORELC: 
    • AM Preschool: 7:50a-10:20a (previously 8a-10:30a)
    • PM Preschool: 11:50a-2:20p (previously 12-2:30p)
    • Kindergarten: 7:45a-2:15p (previously 8a-2:30p)
  • PMPS: 7:45a-2:15p (previously 7:50a-2:20p)
  • RIS: 7:45p-2:25p (previously 8a-2:40p) 
  • SMS: 8:40a-3:25p (no change)
  • SHS: 8:40a-3:25p (no change)

Families received an email from Dr. Ridlehoover on Thursday, July 14. Please check your inboxes for additional details.


First Days of School

  • ORELC/PMPS/RIS: Sabre Launch is Tuesday, September 6 and Wednesday, September 7.
    • Sabre Launch is for PreK-Grade 5 students and their parents/guardians. Please read this letter sent in April 2022 for more details.
  • SMS: Sabre Soar is Tuesday, September 6 for students in Grade 6.
    • Sabre Soar is a transition day for students in grade 6 to provide additional time and space to ease into middle school.
    • Watch your inboxes for Sabre Soar details.
  • SHS: Sabre Splash is Tuesday, September 6 for new students and those in Grade 9.
    • Sabre Splash is a transition day for students in grade 9 and new students. 
    • Watch your inboxes in August for Sabre Splash details.