State Testing

  • Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCA)

    Minnesota Test of Academic Skills (MTAS)

    Reading (Grade 3-8 & 10), Mathematics (Grades 3-8 & 11), Science (Grades 5, 8 & HS)

    The MN Comprehensive Assessments (MCAs) and alternate assessments MN Test of Academic Skills (MTAS) are state tests that measure student progress toward Minnesota’s academic standards and meet the requirements of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA).

    English Language Proficiency Assessments

    The ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 and Alternate ACCESS for ELLs are the assessments developed by WIDA consortium and administered to English Learners in order to measure progress toward meeting MN standards for English language development. 

    College and Career Readiness Indicators

    What are college and career readiness indicators?
    MN Statute 120B.30 requires a school or district to record a student’s progress toward career and college readiness on the high school transcripts of students first enrolled in grade 8 in the 2012-13 school year and later. The statute states a student is college and career ready if the student is able to successfully complete credit-bearing coursework at a two-or four year college or university or other credit-bearing postsecondary program without need for intervention. Districts must monitor student development of and growth in career and college readiness. It is expected that as part of district curriculum and instruction planning, districts will identify student’s academic strengths and recognize areas where students require instructional adjustments, targeted interventions, or remediation.

    ISD 748 utilizes MCIS, which stands for Minnesota Career Information System. It is an online tool that helps students answer the college and career planning questions, “What do I want to do?” MCIS delivers inventories of interest, abilities, and values used together to provide relevant occupations and majors. Students in Grade 8 take this inventory.

    We encourage all students to participate in statewide testing. Since all eligible students are included in some calculations even when they do not participate, school and district accountability results are impacted. Students who do not participate are automatically given a "Does Not Meet Proficiency" score, which in turn negatively affects our districts overall percent of students meeting proficiency. This affects
    the school’s ability to be identified for support or recognized for success. If you still wish to opt out, please use this form.

    Marie Pangerl

    District Assessment Coordinator

Preparing Students

  • Provide your student with:

    • the opportunity to become familiar with the format of the test using the Minnesota Department of Education's Sample Tests
    • a quiet study area and time every day for homework and reading
    • outlets for relaxation and rest

    Share your enthusiasm and interest in reading, mathematics, and science encourage your student to:

    • do well, but don’t put undue pressure on him/her 
    • relax, focus, and think positively for better success

    Write test dates on your family calendar to assist in preparation.

Last Modified on January 17, 2024